Monday, May 16, 2016

Siapa yang berTuhan pasti akan bertahan!

"Carilah ilmu sesungguhnya ia mengajar erti kebodohan.
Dan carilah pengalaman sesungguhnya ia mengajar erti kegopohan"
As human as I can be, several days ago I was feeling depleted and far away from myself. I was finding it difficult to respond or communicate with the new environment and the people around me. I knew it was no coincidence that around the same time there is an event that I can volunteer to lend a hand, so I volunteered.

In all honesty, I am much an introvert when it comes to new people. I remember how difficult it was to get myself ready to get there, I was declining to meet them and millions of thoughts started going off in my head - 'would they like me', 'can I have a good conversation with these guys'

'Do I really have to do thissss!!!' I screamed to myself.

After a few phone calls with Hanisah trying to calm myself, I heavily lifted my feet and went in. But as soon as I got into the building I felt myself slowly connect with them, I saw my old self; happy and content. Being with them feels very much the same when I was in Japan; doing volunteering work, IPIJ etc.

When you spend time with those who have the same aim, it fulfills you and restores you.
I am very much looking forward to seeing all of them again.

Dear Ones, thank you for not giving up on us. On so many days it felt so lonely, then I realise I am never alone. To feel low sometimes is a normal thing. But choosing to chin up and wipe those tears are courage.
"tidak ada pilihan yang lagi besar selain memilih untuk bersama dengan perjuangan Islam walaupun tahu diri dalam keadaan yang sangat lemah, jangan sampai tergelincir!" pesan Ustaz Kamarudzaman pada hari Sabtu yang lepas. Somewhat a very nice admonition.
Be thankful and stay positive. Period.


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